The individuality of all children, families, and professionals is respected. Diverse backgrounds and perspectives are included at all levels of service and organizational functioning.

Childhood is revered as a unique period to learn and grow within the context of family and other safe environments. Every child is deserving of ample opportunity for play and unhurried interactions.

Compassion for all human beings is integral to according dignity to the work of caring for children. Encouragement and affirmation inspire children and adults to maximize their potential and sense of self worth throughout life.

Lifelong development and learning is the key component of education. Children and professionals thrive on developmentally appropriate experiences geared to their individual needs.

Honesty and willingness to uphold the ethical standards of the profession guide decisions made in the interests of children. The quality of the organization and its administration is heightened by adherence to NDAEYC's purpose and principles.

Dedication to the vision and mission of NDAEYC enhances the well-being of the organization and the children it serves. Individual responsibility increases the efficacy of the organization.

Harmonious relationships among officers and members enrich personal, professional, and organizational development. Collaboration with parents, public officials, other institutions and organizations, and the public reinforces our collective obligation to children.

Open-mindedness fosters creativity and strengthens the ability of NDAEYC to make decisions and solve problems. Choice is critical in meeting the needs of children, families, professionals, and communities, and in achieving organizational goals.

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