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  • Fall Conference- Growing Futures Approved!

Fall Conference- Growing Futures Approved!

  • Saturday, October 14, 2017
  • 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM
  • DoubleTree by Hilton 825 E. Beaton Drive West Fargo, ND


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Curing Adultitis

    Your Prescription for Less Stress and More Success

    Keynote Speaker: 9:30-11:30 a.m.

Jason Kotecki


 Description: Adultitis is an epidemic that is coming hard after us every single day. It can infiltrate even the best working environments, producing stress and instigating burnout. Left unchecked, adultitis will eat your productivity, teamwork, and morale alive. Surrender need not be an option, however. In this light-heart but hard-hitting session, Jason will arm participants with the fresh perspective you need to reclaim your passion and create a better harmony between work and home. You will learn easy, particle tips for bringing more fun and less stress to the job at hand, contributing to a workplace that's more enjoyable and engaging for you and those you serve! Adultitis may be a formidable foe, but Jason will help you annihilate it! 

Breakout Sessions

    Session One:  12:15-1:45 p.m.

Session Two:  2:00-3:30 p.m.

Jason Kotecki
Certified Speaking Professional

Balancing Act

Description:  Overcoming Adultitis Amidst the Stress of Everyday. You were not designed to live a life that leaves you stressed out, worn down, and constantly running on empty. But in the crazy, fast-paced, technology-driven, always "on" world in which we live, there is more change, more choice, and more demands than ever before, pulling you in a million different directions. Maintaining a mindful and meaningful level of life balance is HUGE. And messing it up can wreak havoc with your career, your health, and your relationships.  IN this breakout session, Jason will share insights that get to the heart of the problem and simple ideas for designing a balanced life that is less stressful and more fun! 

 Available Breakout Session One

Laura Lempe
Early Childhood Director

Technology and Digital Media in the Early Childhood Classroom

Description: As early childhood educators we have the opportunity to teach children to view technology and digital media as tools rather than toys.

During this session we will:

Define technology and digital media, learn how to choose quality digital media for your classroom, play and evaluate apps and websites directed at children, and discuss how to incorporate technology and digital media into your classroom!

  Available Breakout Session One and Session Two

Jodi Claus

Behavior Specialist 
  Session 1Intervention with Intention
Session 2: Early Childhood Mental Health 

Session 1 Description: In this session we will discuss challenging behaviors in the classroom, and effective ways to respond.

Session 2 Description: In this session we will discuss just what early childhood mental health is, what can interfere with this development, and how we as caregivers can best support a strong foundation of mental well-being.

Available Breakout Session One and Two

Nate Hendrickson
TNT Special Needs Director

  Session 1:  Confident Movers 
 Infant and Toddler 1st occupation "moving"
Session 2:  Confident Movers   
Preschool Movement as it applies to
 Secondary Occupations

Session 1 Description : This course will provide an in-depth outlook at child's #1 occupation, "moving". Infant/toddler childcare providers play a vital role in child development and progress within a childcare and with their family. We will focus on movement activities that promote perceptual, gross-motor, cognition, and social emotional content. You will leave a greater advocate for what you do and a more effective educator to families and coworkers.         

Session 2 Description:  This course will provide an in-depth outlook at how a child's movement competency applies to secondary occupations: early learning guidelines and other activities that are asked of youth.  We will use hands on movement activities / games to demonstrate and promote movement skills/concept, cognitive skills, and social skills. You will leave a greater advocate/educator of what you do and leave with more creative way to keep kids active.   

**Both Sessions Count for The Fargo and West Fargo Health Code Training**

Available Breakout Session One and Two 

Erin Kitzman
Child Care Aware Early Childhood Consultant

Am I Making a Difference

Description: “Am I Making a Difference?”: Ever wonder if what you do every day helps children get ready for kindergarten? This training is geared for infant and toddler teachers. Come explore how play-based learning connects and supports school readiness as defined in the Early Learning Guidelines. You’ll discover what you can do to provide experiences and environments to support children’s development and learning. 

Available Breakout Session Two


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